Aren’t you tired of wasting your time?

Stop with the bullshit already.

Stop with the bullshit already.

I wake up most days hoping to spread positive ideas, helping people make progress forward.

Today is not one of those days.

Here are the things you shouldn’t be doing. Ever.

Stop growth hacking. Fuck growth hacking. Stop trying to game the system and find shortcuts. Build sustainable, long-term campaigns with depth that will foster real business.

Stop trying to fool your customers in general. Build a quality product, tell a good story, provide the best customer service you can to the people who buy from you.

Stop looking for shortcuts. There aren’t any.

Stop taking what others did to find success and copying it. You aren’t them. They aren’t you. What you’re going through is unique, read about what others have done, then craft solutions that work for you.

Stop wasting time on articles with titles that like; “The Top 5 Hacks to Supercharge Your Growth”, or “How I Built a Million Dollar Business on One Hour a Day.”

Stop believing you can be successful without effort.

Stop thinking this can be easy.

Stop wasting time.


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