Balancing Act: How to Influence Clients Without Overstepping

Balancing Act: How to Influence Clients Without Overstepping
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I have a rule with my clients.

I'll give my advice on how we should solve a problem three times.

If, after three times, they want to go in another direction, or they believe the solution they have in mind is better, we go with theirs.

Even when I know it's not going to work.


Because I work for them.

That means I respect their decisions and their right to choose the direction of their business.

It's their money, their baby.

I don't get to do whatever I want.

If you prefer to have complete control, work on your own shit.


Let's be very clear on something.

I've been hired for a reason.

I am the expert here. It's my experience and knowledge that people are paying for.

I fight hard for my ideas.

I explain in detail why they're the best solution to the problem presented.

I back up those arguments with numbers where I can, with similar projects where appropriate, and with emotion if I know we have a winner.

If I can't sell the idea, that's on me.

Clients aren't dumb. They don't lack vision.

They are in charge.

Our goal here is to build enough trust with our clients that they feel confident in our advice.

Trust is the foundation of our relationship and the key to our mutual success.

If you can't do that, you're not ready and should do what they say anyway.

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