Cut the Fluff: How to Nail Your Story in Just a Few Sentences

Cut the Fluff: How to Nail Your Story in Just a Few Sentences
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Almost every founder I talk with has the same struggle. 

They don’t know how to tell the story of what they’re doing. 

They can talk for hours about the space they’re in or the elegance of their solution. 

But ask them to boil things down to one or two sentences. 

“Oh, that’s not enough.”

“We’re too complex for that.“

“We solve too many problems for too many people”
( said to me just this morning ).


If you can not get people interested in what you’re doing in a few sentences, you have not nailed your offering. 

Great products die because of bad narratives.

If this feels like you ( or your product/service ).

Do me a favor and accept three things. 

  1. You can not tell one story to many audiences. It will not work.
  2. Start with a problem your audience is having. That’s your opener. 
  3. Simple wins. Every. Single. Time. 

Forget what you’ve seen about crafting the perfect deck or the tips on writing “we do x for Y” business mad lib crap. 

Tell your story like a human being. 

Make it exciting and answer the following. 

  1. What is it? 
  2. How does it work? 
  3. Are you sure? 
  4. Can you do it? 

If you need help, ask me. 

I’ll give you 30 mins. 

Or take a few hours and read this book. 

The 3-minute Rule by Brant Pinvidic.

It will help.

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