Building Better Futures by Building Better Businesses

Building Better Futures by Building Better Businesses
Photo by Fab Lentz / Unsplash

This is the most incredible time in history to start a business.

The tools we have at our disposal, unreal.

The access we have to massive markets, mind-blowing.

The ability to accept payments, produce goods, create content, and talk to people, unmatched in history.

The possibilities are limitless.

The platforms, tools, and technology are so sophisticated that you can almost do anything, even as one person.

What's not easy?

Actually making that work.


Finding customers.

Getting the word out, building a business, and making serious money.

Here's the reality. You are probably not going to be a millionaire.

You are almost certainly not going to be a billionaire.

But what you can do is be your own boss.

What you can do is take control of your destiny.

You can build a side hustle that pays the rent ( or your mortgage ).

Or makes enough to buy you a new iPhone every year.

Would that be so bad?

Alternatively, if you're willing to put in the work, you can replace your salary and gain the freedom to work on your terms.


You're still going to work.

There are no free lunches in this world. Anyone who tells you that you can work five hours a week and make millions is lying.

They are lying to you, and they are taking advantage of you.

AI won't build a business for you.

Etsy. Shopify. Canva. ChatGPT.

These are all fantastic tools that can help you build a business.

But YOU need to build it.

You have to find an opportunity or a problem to solve.

You have to craft a solution that helps people and sells at a fair price.

Then you have to work to find the people who want, need, and will pay you.

Then you have to give and give and give to these people in order for them to trust you and trust that you can help them.

Then you have to give some more.

Because you don't just want to sell one thing, one time.

Do all this, over and over, every day, and you will have a business.

It may not be a big one ( or maybe it is ), but it is a business.

And it's yours.

Now, wouldn't that be something?

If this sounds like a future, you'd like for yourself.

The future you've been dreaming about.

We can do this the right way. The smart way.

With a plan that goes day by day, action by action. Step by step.

Let's make that happen—you and me.

Welcome to Day One.

Let's go.

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