Little Things Really Do Make a Big Difference

little things make a big difference -

Continuing on the theme of doing the little things right-simple yet powerful actions that can significantly impact your conversions and won’t take more than a few minutes to implement. 

Three Things You Can Do Today To Increase Conversions

Add Platform Targeting to Your Ads and Make Checkout Easier

However you’re targetting your ads, add a platform (iOS or Android) and then show Apple Pay to iOS users or Google Pay to Android users. Less friction = more sales.

Mirror Your Ad Copy and Your Audience on Product and Landing Pages

Nothing will kill conversion faster than an ad that gets attention and a page that looks like it has nothing to do with the ad content/copy/message. Mirror the language and the messaging on the page and show the audience you’re targetting in the photos you use. Consistency = higher conversions.

Buy Box on Both Ends of the Page

Don’t make customers work even harder than they have to. If they’ve scrolled your entire product or landing page to find the information they need to convince themselves to buy, don’t make them scroll to the top to add to cart/checkout. Duplicate your buy box at the bottom of the page. Less effort = more action.

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