Tell The Story Your Audience Wants to Hear

I spent the weekend writing an investor deck for what might be the most impressive product I've ever encountered.

Product aside, we still had to go through a process to get the team on board with pitching the opportunity rather than the idea.

Not their fault.

Most of the advice out there is awful.

And telling a simple, powerful story is hard.

I've heard so many entrepreneurs complain about how investors don't get the complexity or magnificence of what they're building.

Putting aside the fact that most investors are actually savvy as fuck.

You're not telling the right story.

Learn to sell, learn to tell stories, and, most importantly, tell the story your audience wants to hear.

That's it. That's the trick.

Listen to Andy Raskin, learn to tell stories, and learn how to tell better sales stories.

An investor deck is just sales to an audience with particular needs.

Happy Monday.

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