The Story of You

The Story of You
Photo by Ben Robbins / Unsplash

If you’re starting anything, I beg you to document the journey. 

Take photos, record videos, and make voice recordings. Just capture it. 

Because, before you have a killer product, you have the unique story of you. 

So tell it. 

Show people what you’re doing, take them along for the ride, and make them feel a part of something bigger. 

Show it all. 

The good, the bad, the ugly. 

The big wins and the days it feels like you’re cooked. 

Not everyone will buy what you’re building. 

But we love human stories. 

Your chance of developing and successfully building a once-in-a-generation product is about as good as winning the lottery. 

But there is and will only ever be one you. 

So, your thoughts. Your process. How you solve problems. 

That’s what you show people. Your authentic self. 

“Sell” you. 

Build fans. 

It will make everything you do easier.

I promise. 


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