Why Great Writing is Your Ultimate Superpower

Why Great Writing is Your Ultimate Superpower
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I do not understand people who don't want to be better writers.

We live in a world where words make a difference.

Every email you write. Every presentation you put together. And every offer you craft is an opportunity to sell yourself and your ideas.

Why would you not want to be good at that?

I would tell anyone who wants to get better to learn from the masters.

David Ogilvy is my favorite. But there are others.

Here's someone you can also learn from.

Gary Bencivenga.

Master copywriter. Brilliant salesman.

Here are three of his top lessons for being a better copywriter ( a copywriter is a writer who writes to sell, which should be all of us ).

  1. Effective Copywriting is Salesmanship in Print:
    • Focus on selling, not being clever.
    • The prospect and the product are the stars, not the copywriter.
    • Avoid flashy language and focus on clear, persuasive selling.
  2. Writing is Not Spontaneous Creative Combustion:
    • Overcome "writer's block" by doing thorough research.
    • Gather extensive information about the product and the prospect.
    • Good research makes the writing process smoother and more productive.
  3. Harness the Power of Your Mind:
    • Great copywriting requires thoughtful, relaxed contemplation.
    • Think deeply and clearly before writing.
    • Use visualization to see yourself as a successful copywriter.

Well-researched, intentional writing focused on moving people to action.

That's it. That's the key.

Learn to write, and you'll be better at everything else you do in business.

I promise you.

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